Office drama quiz: Which role do you play?

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Are you the kind of HR leader who stands tall or slouches on the sidelines? Take our quiz to reveal what kind of role you play at work. Add up how many of each letter you chose, and match your highest ranking ones to the descriptions below to reveal your work-personality.

Q1. Your ideal desk-neighbour is someone who:

a. Mixes with the bigwigs.
b. Shares the juiciest gossip.
c. Is as quiet as a mouse.
d. Likes to complain as much as you do.

Q2. You have taken on new responsibilities at work but no promotion or raise has come with them. You:

  1. Pick a fight with your boss over your ‘unfair’ treatment and feel determined to go to their superior if they aren’t sympathetic.
  2. Request a meeting with your boss, explain why you feel you deserve a pay increase and/or a title change, and then offer to outline your accomplishments in a report.
  3. Silently fume but take no action to improve the situation.
  4. Let the work slide. Hey, why work your tail off if you aren't being recognized for it?

Q3. At the company picnic, you:

  1. Are dressed to the nines and hobnobbing with the C-suite
  2. Are busy catching up with your mates from other departments.
  3. Make an obligatory appearance and leave within five minutes.
  4. Show up and vent to everyone about how you're the only one who gets anything done in your team.

Q4. A co-worker is competing for a position similar to yours. You:

  1. Try to bribe the person who has the final vote.
  2. Try to be even more impeccably dressed than usual and make an effort in everything you do.
  3. Feel there is nothing you can do except count down the days until decision time
  4. Spread rumours about how she lied on her resume.

Q5. Your workplace memos to your co-workers and boss are:

  1. Primarily phone calls, so you can gauge the other person's mood and have a confrontation if necessary.
  2. An even mix of e-mail and phone calls (e-mails to send information or documents; phone calls for that personal touch).
  3. Mostly e-mails. You dread phone calls or face-to-face encounters.
  4. E-mails to serve as back-up later on, and phone calls for sensitive matters, when you don't want a written record.

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