Oops! Pot drop puts prosecutor in hot water

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There are plenty of jobs where a bit of pot use might not be a big problem. Law enforcement isn’t one of them. Even worse would be getting caught by a cop.

That’s exactly what happened to New Orleans assistant city attorney Jason Cantrell, who stepped down from his job after a joint fell out of his pocket while he was at court, and talking to two police officers.

The Times-Picayune described it as a “comical picture” with the cops glancing at each other before “making arguably the easiest collar in the annals of police work”.

The attorney, who was a first offender, was released under a policy for low-level marijuana cases but has resigned his city post. Cantrell’s wife is running for the local city council so she could also find her campaign hampered.

Of course we often suspect people in authority positions might be under the influence of something mind altering – a theory put forward by a local writer for the website Above the Law, who said he had long suspected that “more than 50% of the city – and its employees, specifically – are, at any given time, either stoned, drunk, or on a three hour lunch”.


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