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Grow Wellington: New Zealand companies seeking Trans-Tasman talent by Chloe Taylor | 17/04/2015 11:44:40 a.m.

HRM speaks to the CEO and talent manager at Grow Wellington, a Government initiative to build up the tech and digital space in more

Are sick notes outdated in the New Zealand workforce? by Chloe Taylor | 13/04/2015 12:43:12 p.m.

A leading medical professional has suggested that New Zealand should scrap sick notes in favour of a system which has proven successful more

Study finds one in three public servants exposed to intimidation by Chloe Taylor | 8/04/2015 12:46:20 p.m.

A recent survey has revealed that a third of public sector employees have encountered intimidating behaviour within the workplace, with some suggesting that this could be linked to another of the report’s more

New Zealand falling behind in global Paid Parental Leave schemes by Chloe Taylor | 7/04/2015 11:45:46 a.m.

New Zealand recently upped its Paid Parental Leave offering by two weeks – but Kiwis are still being offered less globally than the residents of many other OECD more

Aussie company will not impose ‘tea break’ bill’s restrictions by Chloe Taylor | 30/03/2015 2:50:10 p.m.

One big-name retailer has backed out of its planned restrictions on employees’ paid meal breaks, after the proposed changes were met with backlash from union members and social media more

What justifies “compassionate leave”? by Chloe Taylor | 30/03/2015 12:22:49 p.m.

After One Direction member Zayn Malik announced that he had left the group, hundreds of fans reportedly requested time off from work to cope with their “grief”. HRM speaks with an employment lawyer about what qualifies as grounds for taking compassionate leave in New Zealand. read more

Lighter Side: “I’d rather move to Antarctica” by Nicola Middlemiss | 23/03/2015 9:18:09 a.m.

Ever get the feeling your team meetings are a waste of time? You’re not alone – a new survey has revealed that a whopping 46% of people would prefer to do almost anything else than sit in a lengthy team meeting. read more

Report finds Kiwi organisations ill-equipped for ageing workforce by Chloe Taylor | 19/03/2015 2:21:25 p.m.

The findings of a recently released study have shown that employers are unprepared for the impacts of New Zealand’s ageing workforce. read more

X Factor judges sacked for bullying: legal experts weigh in by Chloe Taylor | 18/03/2015 12:41:49 p.m.

Footage from Sunday evening’s live episode of the X Factor New Zealand has gone viral after two of the judges were sacked for bullying a contestant live on more