Are your employees on the job hunt?

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Employers who notice a rise in certain excuses may have to face up to the fact that their employees are planning to leave – that’s the indication from one new study, released this week.

Job listing site Seek has investigated how many Kiwis tell the truth when they attend a job interview and how many make something up.

"Our recent Seek research has uncovered that 20 per cent of Kiwis said that they have lied or made up an excuse to get out of work to attend a job interview," revealed general manager Janet Faulding.

According to the independent research, the top excuse used was having a medical appointment to attend, followed by people pulling a sickie.

The top excuses in order of prevalence were:

• 1. Medical appointment (25 per cent)

• 2. Feeling sick, ill or injured (21 per cent)

• 3. External meeting i.e. away from the office (12 per cent)

• 4. Car broke down (7 per cent)

• 5. Just took annual leave (5 per cent)

• 6. Family emergency (3 per cent)

• 7. Non-medical appointment (3 per cent)

• 8. Sick or injured pet (2 per cent)

• 9. Maintenance issue at home (2 per cent)

• 10. Sick or injured child or other relative (1 per cent)
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