Can’t get no job satisfaction? You must be in an HR administration role

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Serving God may not make you rich but it will make you a lot happier than working in HR, according to a job satisfaction survey.

The survey out of the UK, which assessed 274 different jobs for happiness, found that those who worked for the church were the most content at work.

And while HR didn’t come in last – that spot was held by bar staff – the results show those in HR administration roles were the least satisfied out of the profession coming in at 131 on the list, alongside plumbers and maintenance staff.

HR and industrial relations fared slightly better coming in at 83 but the most content in the HR profession were HR managers and directors who took out place 20. There happiness rating was on par with dental nurses, musicians and financial institution managers and directors.

The ratings were calculated using happiness measures from the UK Office for National Statistics Annual Population Survey and pay estimates. It takes into account both pay and the sense of achievement and personal reward.

 “Not all jobs are a bed of roses,” said the report published by the Legatum Institute think-tank.

“Job satisfaction is on a long-term downward trend in most advanced countries, and people rank time spent with their manager as among their least happy moments in the day.”
The report also found bonuses had a limited effect on encouraging workers and that praise from managers was of more benefit.

The report said: “Positive mood states have been repeatedly found to boost productivity and creativity, reduce sickness absence, and increase customer satisfaction.” 

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