Gen Y workers lacking professional etiquette

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Gen Y seems to be getting the nod of disapproval at workplaces. Professionalism among these young workers is on the decline, a recent study finds out.

Reported by Business Insider, this bad impression starts right from the recruitment process to the first step the young worker takes into the office: more than a third report that the level of professionalism among new hires has decreased in the last five years. Moreover, 52% of respondents said new employees arrived at the workplace with an air of entitlement.

However, it could be a case of the blind leading the blind. Young workers tend to look at fellow entry-level peers for tips on professionalism and etiquette rather than seeking help from older employees.

The researchers surveyed 400 HR professionals about their experiences recruiting and hiring recent college graduates in a variety of industries and roles. Professionalism was judged on appropriate appearance, punctuality, regular attendance, honesty, attentiveness and sticking with a task through completion, Business Insider reports.



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