How should employers handle availability provisions and shift cancellations?

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Availability provisions were introduced as part of the Employment Standards package. How have courts been interpreting the new provisions and what should employers be doing to minimise the risk of inadvertent breaches?

HRD’s Employment Law Masterclass will zero in on availability provisions and shift cancellations and discuss questions such as when can an employer legally require an employee to be available for additional hours of work, what counts as a genuine reason for including an availability provision and what a reasonable period of notice is for cancelling a shift.

The Masterclass will also take a look at the implications of Fraser v McDonald’s Restaurants (New Zealand) Limited [2017] plus review the 67D of the Employment Relations Act 2000 (ERA).

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  • Auckland, Wednesday 7 March
  • Christchurch, Tuesday 8 May
  • Wellington, Wednesday 9 May

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