Lighter Side: Revenge is a dish best served... on TV?

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Imagine your boss lights a candle in the office every day and the repugnant stench that drifts silently from its flickering wic has everyone in the office seeking revenge. Now imagine you could carry out that revenge on a national television show... live.

That's just what happened to US journalist and TV personality Anderson Cooper. 

Copper, who hosts primetime news program AC360 in the US, got more than he bargained for after purchasing an “obscenely” expensive candle for his office – which got right up the noses of his staff.

Apparently, the candle’s scent was so strong his co-workers decided to plot revenge against him.

Cooper's canny staff targeted a feature of the show – ‘The Ridiculist’, where the host takes a few minutes to comment on a funny news story – to get one back on their boss.

The crew replaced a teleprompter with a script and video that disclosed how much they detested Cooper's offensive-smelling candle – with hilarious results.

Watch the prank below:


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