Millennial women want three things from their employers

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A new report by PwC has shed some light on the millennial woman’s approach to the workplace.

The report – The female millennial: A new era of talent – surveyed 8,756 female millennials from 75 countries, including New Zealand.

The three most important things New Zealand’s female millennials sought from employment were:
  • Opportunities for competitive wages
  • Career progression
  • Strong record on diversity, equality and inclusion
Despite 90% of participants saying they prioritise employers with strong diversity records, 73% said they do not feel that employers offer equity in opportunities – and recent research suggests that this sentiment is not unfounded.

PwC’s recently published New Zealand CEO Survey revealed that just 32% of Kiwi CEOs have a talent diversity and inclusiveness strategy in place, putting New Zealand’s organisations behind their overseas counterparts.

Millennial women in Spain, France and Ireland viewed employers in their country as the most biased towards men, but these countries were closely followed by New Zealand and Australia.

According to PwC’s partner and diversity leader Leo Foliaki, New Zealand’s business leaders must push for practices to change in order to access the growing pool of female talent.

“These female millennials are entering the workforce in greater numbers than ever before and are more highly educated, but they have entirely new career mindsets,” he said. “Employers must commit to inclusive cultures and talent strategies that allow for the ambition of the female millennial from the very beginning of their careers.”

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