Police payroll hampered by defects

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New Zealand Police has been forced to postpone the launch of its troubled new payroll system after recent testing identified significant faults.

"The project is in the testing phase and given its complexity it is not surprising that testing has identified defects, though the number and severity of these has significantly exceeded expected levels and has put pressure on the schedule and budget," said the New Zealand Treasury.

The Treasury – New Zealand’s leading advisor to the government on economic, financial and regulatory policy – has been tasked with monitoring and assessing the troublesome system.

Projects are assessed using a five-point scale ranging from red to amber and green – worryingly, the new police payroll system has recently worsened from amber/red to red.

The system – which will be responsible for paying 12,000 employees – was scheduled to launch next Monday but has been pushed back until April next year with a further $8 million already added to its budget.

The Treasury, however, has suggested even more money may be needed before completion.

"Police are continuing commercial conversations following vendor performance issues and project delays,” commented the Treasury. “There is ongoing risk that further major defects add to delays and costs."

Superintendent Mike Johnson said last week that the project was never going to be an easy one.

"We have complex scheduling and industrial requirements and challenges were always likely with a project of this nature," he said.

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