Productivity down? It’s probably Friday

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If you need to assign important work, it’s probably best not to do it on a Friday.

According to a survey of more than 1000 New Zealanders, 3.29pm on Fridays is the time that the average worker starts to ease up on work, before stopping work altogether at 4.04pm and leaving for the day an hour later.

The Dominion Post reported that the Colmar Brunton survey was commissioned by Mitre 10 and showed that 91% of respondents thought that a “Friday feeling” existed.

Nearly a third of workers leave earlier than usual on Fridays, while more than 40% avoided tackling difficult tasks and 30% avoided Friday afternoon meetings.

Instead, 64% used the last two hours of the Friday work day to organise their weekend plans, nearly a quarter used Facebook, 20% phoned and emailed friends and family and 17% looked at news sites and did online banking, the Post reported.

Geographically, Northland workers were the last to leave on Fridays, while young Aucklanders were the most likely to leave early.

Bay of Plenty workers got the jump on the weekend by winding down around 3pm.

Mitre 10 CEO Neil Cowie told the Post that the survey backed up New Zealand’s hardworking reputation.

“As Kiwis we’re a hardworking bunch but the research seems to indicate that people relax a bit as the week draws to a close and they start to focus on social opportunities and personal projects.”

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