The two sentences missing from most job ads

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Is HR missing an opportunity to “sell” their jobs to the right candidates?
That’s the suggestion from marketer and author Seth Godin, whose latest blog was titled “The two magical sentences missing from most job ads”.
Godin said employers looking to build a unique culture should consider an invitation along the lines of “If you're not looking for a job, this might just be the job for you.” He also suggested that companies should be comfortable saying “This might not be a good fit for you” rather than trying to create a one-size-fits-all culture.
“Most jobs seek the low bidder, the person desperate enough to work cheap, or to sign up right now, and most jobs stress that 'this is a great place to work' (implying 'great for everyone.'),” Godin said. “ ‘Who's available?’ is not a good selection driver for work or for life.”
Godin said the flipside was that sometimes HR was so specific in their requirements that no one would fit the role.
“If you can't think of a single individual that you've worked with over your entire career that would be the perfect fit for this job--and work on the terms you're prepared to offer--there's something wrong with the job you hope to fill,” he said. “Wishing is not a strategy.”

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