What does a healthy workplace eating culture look like?

John Hilton
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“This is why they play such a critical role in modern day health and wellbeing.”

So how do you spot companies who value their employees’ health and wellbeing?

“They are the ones providing dedicated lunch areas for employees to step away from their work and enjoy their meal,” said Reynolds.

“They provide healthy and convenient food options like healthy snacks and fruit drop.”

These things may sound expensive, but when employees embrace the right nutrition and take the time to check-in with themselves during the day, the outcome is better productivity and results, less absenteeism, and a much happier office environment.

“If you take a moment to digest that 96% of Australians snack, and that 46% of us snack in favour of a lunch time meal, there’s never been a more important time to provide healthy snacks in the workplace,” said Reynolds.

“Feeling hungry and then having to worry about what you’re going to eat and where you’ll get it from is a huge distraction during the day for many employees.”

Reynolds added that Snackwize takes the stress and guess-work out of what you’re going to snack on, by conveniently delivering healthy snack boxes monthly to your office.

“Our snacks are preservative-free and full of protein and good fats to keep you satiated, feeling good, and performing at your peak, rather than hungry again an hour later and exhausted from the dreaded sugar crash,” he said.

“It’s easy to dismiss snacking as just trivia, but it has been shown that snacking influences the rest of your eating habits more than any other food category.

“In a lot of ways, healthy eating starts with healthy snacking.”

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