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Failing to follow through with promises made to candidates during the recruitment process could be costing businesses their top talent. A survey of jobseekers by recruitment specialists Hays found that over half (54%) of those questioned would resign from an organisation if it failed to deliver on recruitment or marketing promises.
Managing Director of Hays in Australia and New Zealand, Nick Deligiannis, stated the results highlighted the importance of making sure a company’s reputation is based on reality “and that this reality is communicated clearly in the recruitment process”.
“Top executives also need to embody their values and ‘walk the talk’ if they are to attract and retain the best talent,” he added.
The failure by the whole organisation to adhere to the stated culture or values was also identified by 48% as a reason to resign, while 32% of employees would also resign if they were working in a department where colleagues did not adhere to company culture or values.
Furthermore, 23% indicated if there was no opportunity to provide input into the organisation’s cultural development and values they would move on, while 38% said they would walk if there was a lack of ongoing development or modernisation of the organisation’s culture or values.
“Companies should make sure all touch points with potential candidates – from the recruitment process to orientation and induction – consistently promote their values. These values should be based on the real environment, be clearly articulated and be bought into by the whole organisation,” Deligiannis said.
“Hollow words have the potential to undermine a business and its brand so it’s important that employees can identify with an organisation’s values and use them to guide their decision making.
“In a world characterised by increasingly acute skills shortages, companies that wish to retain their top talent need to ensure that their business values stay connected with their business behaviours.”
Key HR takeaways:
  • Don’t make promises that can’t be delivered. Be sure to check any request with the appropriate company person whether it can be accommodated and honestly communicate the feedback back to the candidate.
  • Deliver on any promises made. If for some reason a promise can’t be delivered on time or at all communicate why with the staff member concerned.
  • Make sure from the recruitment process to orientation and induction the companies’ values are consistently promoted.


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