Why HR can’t neglect highly-engaged teams

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After reviewing the results of an engagement survey, employers often channel their efforts into areas of high dissatisfaction – however, one industry figure says HR should be careful not to overlook those who are currently content.

“We had upwards of 20 teams this year with 100 per cent engagement,” reveals Graham Robertson, general manager of people and technology at Coca-Cola Amatil. “Now, you might think that you don’t have to do anything it that space but that’s not true.”

Robertson, who joined the company eight years ago, says even the most engaged workers want reassurance that their employer cares about staff happiness.

“They want to see that we’re still focussing on engagement, that we still take it seriously, and that we still put effort into it at the senior leadership level,” he tells HRD. “They’re not going to find out about that unless they’re aware of what’s going on.”

As a result, the Auckland-based exec says organisations should make a concerted effort to broadcast any endeavours concerning engagement.

“Publicise it so that your people are aware of what you’re doing around engagement,” he urges. “It’s very easy to spend a whole bunch of effort in one area but if other people are unaware of it, they won’t believe you’re taking it seriously.”

Robertson also says employers must be wary of becoming complacent with frequently high results.

“Just because engagement is good one year doesn’t mean it’s going to be good in another year,” he warns. “If we were to have bad results for reasons beyond our direct control, I’m pretty sure they would affect how people think about us as an organisation, whether they would consider staying with us, and whether they would actively look in the market – all of which affects our pure engagement score.”

While Coca-Cola Amatil has achieved some impressive results – in July, the company received the Aon Hewitt Best Employer Accreditation for the second year running – Robertson says the firm won’t be relaxing its focus on engagement.

“I don’t think in my time we’re going to say; ‘Well we’ve cracked engagement, now it’s time to move onto something else,’” he tells HRD. “It’s a continual process.”

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