Why HR should embrace mindfulness

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A leading mindfulness coach has called on employers to embrace the idea, saying it can result in a happier workplace with higher levels of productivity.

“Evidence shows us that when mindfulness is present, people are more engaged, more resilient, and less reactive,” says Andrew Morrison of Jade Coaching and Training.

“It also helps people maintain perspective and be resourceful in environments where the need and priorities are rapidly changing.”

Morrison’s comments come ahead of the Mindful Leaders conference, which is billed as the first event of its kind in New Zealand.

Kerene Strochnetter, a professional workplace mindfulness consultant, said she too has seen first-hand the value of bringing mindfulness into the workplace.

“When leaders bring mindful practice into their places of work, it has positive outcomes for everyone, from employees to clients to tax payers and other stakeholders,” she says. “I continually see it transform people, how they work, and what they achieve.”

Indeed, institutions such as banks, government departments, insurance companies and manufacturers are putting mindfulness programmes in place for both senior leaders and staff. These programs aim to build resilience, improve decision-making and encourage flexible thinking.

“There’s no doubt that mindfulness is a skill a leader should want to develop, and something that has many benefits both professionally and personally,” says Morrison.

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