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It’s very cliché, but you would be hard-pressed to find someone who has walked past a construction site and not heard a radio blaring. And now, new research backs the assumption skilled workers such as tradies and labourers are the likeliest profession to tune in over an average seven-day period.

According to a study done by Roy Morgan Research, skilled workers listen to the most radio in any  week at almost 25 hours, with an average of four hours on a weekday and about four hours 42 minutes on the weekend.

And their pick of radio station? The Rock. Twenty-three percent of skilled workers tune in to the station that is aimed at the 18- to 35-year-old male market.

 “Skilled workers – tradies, labourers, those employed in the manufacturing and mining industries, to name a few – listen to far more radio than white collar workers or professional/managers; in fact, they consume more radio on a weekly basis than they do TV, newspapers or the internet,” Pip Elliott, Roy Morgan Research NZ General Manager, said.

Elliott added they are also especially loyal, and will listen to their favourite station in all the key timeslots.

As for other professions, white collar workers rack up an average of 14 hours 42 minutes worth of radio per week (two hours 18 minutes per weekday, and three hours 24 minutes on weekends), with pop-focused station The Edge attracting 15.6% of them while 14.7% tune into Radio New Zealand National.

Professional/managers favourite station is Radio New Zealand National (22.5%) and they listen to 13 hours 48 minutes a week of radio (two hours six minutes per weekday and three hours 12 minutes on weekends).

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